Как скачать книгу в ibooks на iphone

Как скачать книгу в ibooks на iphone

Как скачать книгу на стануть відображатися в iBooks вашого і користувачам iPhone. iBooks - программа для чтения книг на iOS устройствах. Для того чтобы закачать книги в iBooks вы. как из iBooks в iPhone вытащить книгу, чтобы перекинуть ее на iPad? формат - epub. The article will teach you how to work with the iBooks app on your iPhone X. The iBooks is a cool and smart app, which can be used to read a lot of naetam.институтдиетологии.рф: naetam.институтдиетологии.рфthil. Как закачать книгу на Нажмите «Открыть в iBooks». вам достаточно скачать книгу на iPhone.

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Как закачать книги в iBooks через iTunes

But according to this link , I can install it through iTunes and then synch it with my phone to get an older version. As the above comment states, you do not need iOS 10 to download iBooks.

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  • However, given the info in your screenshot, it is possible that iBooks is not available in your country. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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    It says "This app needs iOS IronSlug IronSlug 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. That will be helpful. For some features, you might need to meet these requirements: To use iBooks 4.

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  • To use iBooks 3. To use iBooks with iCloud, you need iOS 6 or later.

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    To listen to audiobooks in iBooks, you need iOS 8. For the mean time, you can install Documents 5 by Readdle.

    Как скачать книгу в ibooks на iphone

    I have no idea why it would require you have it. Please review the following article and make sure your device is compatible.

    Как скачать книгу в ibooks на iphone

    Could they have disabled the downloads till iOS10 is out? This is really weird. TMHahn Yes, any news?

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    Marine1 iOS 10 is out and this should work now. I do not believe the older version of iBooks is available. Is this what is called programmed product obsolescence? I just get an Iphone 4 and my last mobile phone lasted 6 years and could still be used.

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    Featured on Meta. Tag synonym dashboard 2.

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