Как создать сайт открытия кейсов с деньгами

Как создать сайт открытия кейсов с деньгами

как сделать сайт с кейсами cs go. Как СОЗДАТЬ СВОЙ КЕЙС и ЗАРАБОТАТЬ НА НЕМ? Проведи время вместе с Goldy Bag, открывай кейсы с настоящими деньгами и выводи Кейсов. как создать и добавить на свой сайт сайт более заметным с КАК СОЗДАТЬ. При добавлении на сайт как Ваше согласие с С ДЕНЬГАМИ. How to create a website? The uKit website builder is an easy and effective way to create a functional business website. It combines 12 years of site building.

This case works by the principle of Real- time inventory. This means that every image of gun, witch located inside the case, shows real item, witch is in the bot right now which is servicing this case.

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If the item is not on the bot right now, image of the item will dissapear or not load. This case is a bonus. You can open it for RP points, when you will receive the rank. You can recieve RP points and rank as a result of opening any cases except bonus cases.

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Amount of RP, which is necessary for a single opening of a case is specified on it. XP points, which you need for a rank, earning once and will not be charged. Table of ranks is right here.

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While opening the cases you save up the experience and ranking points RP. This experience XP opens an access to the special cases-cubes. Ranking points RP can be spent on these bonus-cases.

You can also get the ranking points with the help of free daily promo code in our group facebook. The current balance of RP can also be seen in the personal account. Cases opened.

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  • Users registered. Rank balance:. You can sell the item right now back in the shop by clicking on the button below.

    Пришло время открывать кейсы!

    If you want to open the cases any longer you can click on the button "Continue to play". The item can be sold or taken later from the purchase history in the personal account.

    Как создать сайт открытия кейсов с деньгами

    If the item is available earlier, you can always send it. There may be delays of the item for an indefinite period due to Steam exchanges and the availability of free goods for exchanges.

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    Do not worry, you can always cancel the order and choose another available method of receipt. You are going to sell the item back in the shop for.


    After the sale your RP balance will be. Confirm sale. The item is successfully sold.

    Как создать сайт открытия кейсов с деньгами

    Your new RP balance is. Continue to play.

    Разработка сайта открытия кейсов с деньгами

    You are going to send the item yourself on the Steam account. Click the button "Confirm" for dispatch of the order. Click the button "Confirm" for sell! Your new balance is. Confirm Confirm Cancel.

    Насколько выгодны проекты открытия кейсов с деньгами?

    Item take approval. Click to exchange the item for other items that are available on our bots. Click the "Take" button to order an item for output.

    To receive the item you need to wait for a while. The average waiting time for sending the item is: 15 days. You have successfully ordered the item on your Steam account! Countdown in the history of the buyer shows when you can pick up the item!

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  • Exchange Take Закрыть окно. Confirmation of cancellation wait. You are about to cancel an item order for withdrawal.

    Разработка сайта кейсов с деньгами - это крайне просто!

    After cancellation, you can sell it back to the store, exchange it for another item on the trading floor, or order the item again for withdrawal. Click the "Confirm " button to agree or "Wait take" to close the window. Confirm Wait take.